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Frantic Search For Ga. Girl, 14, Taken In Home Invasion

September 17, 2013

People at these political events demand the release of the Cuban Five from U.S. prisons and hope to bring awareness of this issue. 0:52 September 11, 2013 Iran's Foreign Minister on Russia/Syria proposal Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a rare English-language interview that the U.S. is being reluctantly pushed into a war it doesn't want or need. He also said he hopes the Russian proposal that the Syrian regime turn over its chemical weapons works so that others would "stop creating excuses push for war." free 1:07 September 11, 2013 Costa Concordia ready to be flipped upright A salvage team in Giglio, Italy , will soon rotate the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship upright as part of a $300 Million project.

"A perfect operation, I must say" with no environmental spill detected so far, he said. Applause rang out among firefighters in the tent where Gabrielli and other project engineers made the announcement. The Concordia rammed into a reef of Giglio Island on Jan. 13, 2012, after the captain brought it too close to shore.

Roscindo Lopez, the superintendent of the building next door, heard the man's desperate cries. "And I hear it, 'Help me! Help me! Please help me!" Lopez said. Lopez, along with Guardencio Portillo, rushed over quickly and jumped into action.

Officer Phong Nguyen said the home invaders demanded money and this one jewelry. When the woman said she didn't have any, one of the men shot and killed the family dog. "The mother actually tried to hide the two kids," Officer Nguyen explained to WGCL. "There was a little dog in the house that started barking.

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